Friday, February 02, 2007

Dig, Dig, Dig

My rivals back home
It's not that I'm bitter
But think how they'll squirm
When they see how I glitter. . .

Thesis writing sends you to new lengths. . . namely watching tv. Tonight I managed to watch Vertigo and Ghost while sitting next to my latest print out of aforementioned document as though it were another person. Maybe it is. Vertigo was immeasurable. . . but I hadn't seen Ghost for ages. Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg - what a team! Legend. I'd forgotten all the great shadow effects and the key reactive roles. And of course the well known scene that inspired a re-enrolment to pottery classes nationwide. . .sigh.

Today has been relatively ineffective, although I did get a good few hours writing in the library until it closed at 6:30pm. But mostly I just addled my brain and misunderstood my own output of thoughts. . .sentences are breaking up fast. And to top it off I have managed to obtain an eye infection [well, you might not want to know but this is a confessional space, didn't you realize?] Which means I am half blind and have to go through the trauma of eye drops 4 times a day. . . which, when you're in a college library isn't ideal. Especially as I have an aversion to anything coming within 5 metres of my naked eye. . .it's quite a spectacle. I have discovered though that it's easier to pour liquid into your eye when looking into a mirror than when you don't have a mirror and just see the stuff looming into your vision. . .at first I was just aiming 'roughly' near my eye and settling for success when the drops were balanced on my eyelashes. But alas, the pain of my eye has driven me to practically pouring the contents of the bottle straight onto the eyeball. And on the upside I now feel that if I were to lose my vision I could probably do the whole contact lense thing (if pain were used as an incentive?)

And that explains why I'm here right now instead of watching my housemate's band play in town. I would have had to wear an eye patch to go in a smokey bar and not wanting to gain a reputation as a casting member for pirates of the caribbean I declines and instead took up my evening watching Patrick Swayze walk through doors and float coins through the air whilst avenging his death and saying a final goodbye to his one time love. A circumstantial choice.

Nevertheless [a great word, should be used more. . .might try and get it in the old thesis], I must depart and sleep so I can actually get up tomorrow and pretend my body clock is normal enough to go into uni before evening.

Oh - lastly, I found a techno-disney-remix CD the other day and have never exposed my ears to such insanity, I'm suprised I didn't get an ear infection. I highly recomment it.

P.S - facebook is an event horizon.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Frankenstein is in my kitchen

I'm back. . . . from the jungle.

Still writing thesis. Still breathing.

I am dedicating this post to Dr Iddon. For his faith in the bloggers community. I am writing this post to avoid my thesis which is slowly metamorphasizing into a monster downstairs. It's due in on tuesday and I am resigned to chipping small blocks of ice from it for the next few days.

My house/box is very cold today. But quiet. Although the soft thud thud of techno music eminating from Steve's room is getting louder. . . .

Ok I will start posting on here to keep in touch with all you mongrels in the world who want to know about my life (all one of you) but I must must must go and tame the beast right now. . .[pulling up sleeves and cracking out a hammer], thesis smeshis. . . it's TIME. [Pun on the content of my work which you can't possible grasp due to your lack of knowledge on what I am writing. . .making said joke private, as private as they come, or redundant.]

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

georgia, who's she?

i do feel a slight twinge of sadness tonight for the loss of my previous posts. they were all shimmering here not that long ago and now there is this dark and rusty void. . .

the greenbelt adventure begins tomorrow as i travel over to friends and leave with them early friday morning. i'm looking forward to it very much and there will be much to see and do. i hope to meet with fellow highway projects members, with whom i travel to jordan, and many other new and dynamic fronts also!

[my morning jacket my morning jacket my morning jacket la la la de la]

today i spent a lot of time organising stuff. stuff to pack. and stuff to leave. it is quite odd having to pack for two completely different climates. i need to pack for jordan now as i only have like half a day when i get back fron greenbelt [forthwith called the belt for my own amusement] and i will be asleep for most of that. it's all the little practical niggly bits, like medical bags and sleeping gear that tie you back. and then you forget the important things like which headphones to take and which book. . .

but i think i have it sorted. i've made a few lists, always a good compensation for dealing with not knowing what you're doing. tomorrow will be busy.

i was rooting through my odd collection of belongings and found a feather-boa, a tiara, a blue wig and some balloons. if i keep digging i might find more. . . i'm quite excited by this as i feel that one should take a random prop wherever one goes, but to take several is a joy. one never does know when one might be required to dress as dame edna and put on a show of the south pacific -pop style. i intend to recover my large pink glasses and my mad hat collection tomorrow. speaking of hats, i can't find a single practical one for jordan. i own many hats. but it would appear that they are all, well, inapropriate! i have hats for weddings, hats for the arctic, hats for cowboys, artists, chefs and old women. but no sun hats. well, one sun hat - but it is an enormously brimmed straw miss marple style hat that the tiniest breeze would send travelling for miles. this is an unfortunate dilemma, as a hat is one of the key items i shall be needing, and i had assumed that my collection would cover it. tomorrow i hat hunt.

enough of this speaking like a queen. i must go and sleep, as i got up so late today i thought it was tomorrow.

Monday, August 21, 2006

define your boxes, claim your territory!

i have a home!!! yey!! a house, a room, an abode, a residence, a pad, a den, a roof, a few walls, a shelter. . .

so that's quite exciting then. yep. jolly good. i'll be moving in when i get back from jordan. . . painting walls, putting up shelves, cluttering the space with my personal belongings. whoopie!

so only three days to greenbelt and 9 to jordan. bring it on! i'm getting quite yipperty jibberty.

had a really good chat with james and mark today. talking about institutions and regimes and the st martins people's front (my idea for a new alternative art school sub-structure). it's all playing in to my thesis quite well. i'm pretty sure next year is going to be the time to take some chances and really challenge where i am at art school and what art school is anyway. negotiating the spaces and taking some responsibilities/establishing some opinions in solid ground.

my thesis is going ok. . . let's not over-do the positive assurance here though, it's hard work. i'm not even sure i'm going to understand it tomorrow. in fact i'm not sure i'll be able to define it after the half hour break i've just taken from it. . .in fact i'm gonna go back to it right now in case it's morphing into indecipherability already. . .

Sunday, August 20, 2006

something about a phoenix

they are all gone. like seeds cast in to the wind, dispersed across the void. some how, a misfortune occurred, and my blog temporarily removed itself from sight. shortly it returned, without any posts.

so here we are again! afresh. anew. annoyed? not really, a clean start is better than a bitter end!

without further ado then, to the words. . .

I'm going to greenbelt on friday. i'm quite excited now. it was always overshadowed by the fact that i'm going to Jordan the following wednesday, but now i'm looking forward to them both, in equal measure! with difference, of course.

there is so much to do, so much to think about and so much to anticipate. some old friends of my family will apparently be there and i can't wait to try and unearth them from the crowds. i haven't seen them since i was a young teen. and one of my sister's friends is going to be there too. but mostly, and i mean MOSTLY, guess whose on the list? MY MORNING JACKET!
oh yes, the elusive band appear, i hope, to play their wonderment and glitter. check them out if you haven't already. wistful longings and echoes in the night, sunkissed reverberations and penetrating drives.

i'm going back down to lurverly london on tuesday, for a whistlestop visit. i'm literally going down for 3 hours! insane, no. i am going to view a house, potentially my home for the next year. doubly cross your fingers for this one as i'm growing weary of the house hunt sharade. and it's a cheap and cheery one. so it's all go-go-go this week! my sister's just gone to bed as she's getting up at 4am to go to morocco for a week in the morning! my parents got scotland on saturday. postcards are gonna be a-flying!

so, if you're reading this and you're coming to greenbelt, be excited - it's gonna rock! and it's gonna be sunny, i have the climate steward's word.

. . . / / / . . .

anyone out there?